Thursday, May 12, 2011

by angelakneale

Question by 0807: Where is en Espanol and why do they have the same flag as America?

I just noticed this on the bottom of the page. Has United States, then Vietnam, then en Espanol. There's a weird thing over the "n" that I thought was dirt on my screen, but it ain't. But I can't type that because it ain't on my keyboard. So where's en Espanol and why is their flag the same as America's?

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Answer by Earth Man
"en Español" means, "in Spanish." I would assume that by the flag it means the American version of the webpage, but in Spanish language. For instance Y!A for the United Kingdom looks a little different than it does for the US, but it's in the same language. Y!A Vietnam would be the Vietnamese version of the page, and in the Vietnamese language. Y!A en Español with a flag, is this the US version of the page, but in Spanish.

Oh, and the thing over the "ñ" is called a "tilde" and it gives the "n" a sound of "nyh"

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