Sunday, May 8, 2011

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The Artist


Image by The Round Peg

I don't really know why I have the impression that this man is an artist. Maybe it us because of the way he is dressed, maybe it is because of his bag, or maybe it is just an impression and nothing else. Maybe it is the truth, who knows?
In our wandering around New York we were quite impressed by how the people responded to having our lenses pointed towards them. I don't think this man saw me, but generally the response is much less scared than in London. People seems to see cameras not like dangerous instruments of threat. Few people, when they saw we were photographing them, dodged the shot, but this is something I expected, what I did not expect, however, was the many smily, pleasantly patient faces. This is highly rewarding as street photographer.
So, what do you think? Is he an artist?
I like to think so, I like to think that in that bag there is something beautiful painted with those hands... and btw, I wore a hat very similar to his own that day! :)

Cumulo Artistus (An Artist's Clouds)


Image by mendhak


Further down from the chalk cliffs at Dover, I saw this fantastic cloud formation, speeding its way across the sky. The clouds looked like they had been painted by an artist rather than created by meteorological routines. Even better, they were playing with the sunshine, and so the environment was flicking between light and dark giving me great effects.

I was planning to save my favorites from the Dover set for last, but going over them now, they all feature the same cloud formation as I chased it. Apologies for boring you in advance.

Avenue Artist of the Month


Image by Ravenelle

As a long time leader, and contributor to creativity in Second Life, I was asked by Avenue to share insights about myself, and some advice for people starting out in SL and want to create art.

Please enjoy the article in full.

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